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2)Describe facilities that use hazardous agents.  Note square feet/metres, number of animal rooms, and support spaces.  In addition, describe design features, construction features, and special equipment, especially as they relate to hazard containment.  Note if, and how, exhaust air is treated.  If special facilities are not available and animals exposed to hazardous agents are housed within conventional animal rooms, so note.

3)Describe the oversight process and husbandry practices in place to ensure personnel safety, including any personal protective equipment provided when work assignment involves hazardous agents.

4)Describe any facilities that may also be used for human-based research or patient areas, including the policies and procedures for human patient protection, facility decontamination, animal transport through common corridors or elevators, and other personnel protection procedures.

5)Describe any other circumstances in which animals or caging equipment are transported in common use corridors or elevators (e.g., have the potential to come in contact with individuals not associated with the animal care and use programme), and measures taken to mitigate risks associated with such use.

6)If motorized vehicles are used for animal transport, describe how the driver is protected from exposure to hazards such as allergens or zoonoses.

iii.Personnel Training [Guide, p. 20]

1)Describe educational programme(s) to inform personnel about zoonoses, personal hygiene, allergies, and other considerations regarding occupational health and safety.

2)Describe special qualifications and training of staff involved with the use of hazardous agents in animals.  


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