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of animal care and welfare to an Animal Welfare Body; occupational health and safety to the Occupational Health Unit, etc.), it must be described how the comprehensive programmatic oversight, and the responsibility and authority of the body/bodies, are ensured.

1.The Role of the IACUC/Oversight Body [ETS 123, Articles 6-13; Guide, pp. 24-40]

a.IACUC/OB Composition and Function [Guide, pp. 17; 24-25]

The next questions apply to all IACUC/OB including equivalents external to the institution (e.g., governmental, etc.). For external equivalents to the IACUC/OB, provide a brief summary of the system in place.

Please provide a IACUC/OB roster, indicating names, degrees, membership role, and affiliation (e.g., Department/Division) as an appendix.

i.Describe IACUC/OB membership appointment procedures.

ii.Describe frequency of IACUC/OB meetings.

iii.Describe the orientation, training, and continuing education opportunities for IACUC/OB members.  [Guide, p. 17]

b.Protocol/Project Review [Guide, pp. 25-26]

A blank copy of your institution’s protocol/project review form should be provided as an appendix.  Also include forms used for periodic renewal, modifications, amendments, etc., as applicable.

i.Describe the process for reviewing and approving animal study protocols/projects, including research and teaching proposals. Include a description of how animal study protocols/projects that do not involve a formal grant proposal are reviewed and approved (i.e., pilot studies or internally funded studies).  Include a description of how the IACUC/OB weighs the potential adverse effects of the study against the potential benefits that may result from the research.  Describe how protocols/projects that have the potential to cause pain or distress to animals are reviewed, alternative methodologies reviewed, veterinary input solicited, and studies controlled or overseen.  Specify how animals and experimental group sizes are justified.  


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