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3.Life Support Systems for Aquatic Species [ETS 123, Appendix A, pp. 93-109; Guide, pp. 84-87]

Provide a general description of institutional requirements for enclosures using water as the primary environmental medium for a species (e.g., aquatics). Describe overall system design, housing densities, and water treatment, maintenance, and quality assurance that are used to ensure species appropriateness. Please note that facility-specific tank design and parameter monitoring frequencies should be summarized in the Aquatic Systems Summary appendix.

4.Noise and Vibration [ETS 123, Appendix A, p. 11; Guide, pp. 49-50]

Describe facility design features and other methods used to control, reduce, or prevent excessive noise and vibration in the animal facility.

B.Animal Housing (All terrestrial, flighted, and aquatic species)

1.Primary Enclosures

Provide a description of primary enclosures used (e.g., cages (conventional, individually-ventilated cage systems (IVCS), etc.), pens, stalls, pastures, aviaries, tanks) in appendix.

a.Describe considerations, performance criteria and guiding documents (e.g. ETS 123, Guide, Ag Guide and/or other applicable standards) used by the IACUC/OB to verify adequacy of space provided for all research animals, including traditional laboratory animal species, agricultural animals, aquatic species, and wildlife when reviewing biomedical, field and agricultural research studies.  

b.Describe space exceptions to the guiding documents (ETS 123, Guide, Ag Guide, and/or applicable standards), indicating the references, considerations and performance criteria used (e.g., by the IACUC/OB) to verify adequacy of space provided for all animal species covered by the programme.  [ETS 123, Appendix A, pp. 14, 18-109; Guide, pp. 55-63]

2.Environmental Enrichment, Social and Behavioural Management [ETS 123, Appendix A, pp. 14-15, 18-109; Guide, pp. 52-55; 63: Ag Guide, Chapter 4]



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