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E.Identify the key institutional representatives (including, but not limited to, the Institutional Official; IACUC/OB Chairperson; Designated Veterinarian; animal programme manager; individual(s) providing biosafety, chemical hazard, and radiation safety oversight; etc.); other person(s) responsible for overseeing the welfare and care of the animals; and individuals anticipated to participate in the site visit.  

F.Briefly describe the major types of research, testing, and teaching programmes involving animals and note the approximate number of principal investigators and protocols involving the use of animals.  As mentioned in the instructions, please complete one of the animal use forms included with this outline or provide the information requested in a similar format as an appendix.

G.Note the source(s) of research funding (grants, contracts, etc.) involving the use of animals.

H.List other units (divisions, institutes, areas, departments, colleges, etc.) of your organisation that house and use animals that are not included in this Description.  If any of these are contiguous, physically or operationally (e.g., same IACUC/OB, same animal care staff), with the applicant unit, describe the association.  Explain why such units are not part of this programme application.

I.Contract Facilities: If the institution contracts for animal care facilities or services for animals owned by the institution, the contractor and its AAALAC International accreditation status must be identified.  If a contractor's animal care and use programme is not accredited by AAALAC International, a brief description, following this Programme Description outline, of the relevant contractor's programmes and facilities must be provided.  In addition, the species and approximate average number of animals housed in the contract facilities and the approximate distance between the institution's animal facility and the contract facility must be noted.  Incorporation of the contractor programme into the site visit schedule will be discussed with institutional representatives.  If the institution does not contract for animal care facilities or services, so note.

J.Note other relevant background that will assist reviewers of this report.


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