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    You will need to buy a comfortably large cage (according to the size of your Quaker Parrot), the price of which can be anything between $250 and $1000 depending on the quality of the cage. Minimum cage size should be 3-4 wingspans wide and 2-3 wingspans in depth. If your Quaker Parrot has to stay several hours in its coop, it will need a cage much bigger than itself, so that it can easily move and play in it.

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    The cost of entertainment paraphernalia for your pet, such as play gyms, swings and other toys will cost approximately $100 to $400. You can use lynching play-gyms and tree stands around your quarters to give your Quaker Parrot some freedom, training and useful exercise.

3. Toys are a must for your Quaker Parrot, especially if you cannot give too many hours to it everyday. Toys are good companions and they do not allow Quaker Parrots to get bored. You have to spend $50 to $150 for decent toys for your Quaker Parrot.

Add food and medical expenses so that you can calculate your approximate annual financial commitment to a Quaker Parrot. Weigh both options: a little expense in the initial stage against a whole life of fun and laughter. This will also show your love and sense of commitment to your pet.

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