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Essentials of Buying a Quaker Parrot

Once you have decided where you want to buy your Quaker Parrot from, you should arm yourself with some vital facts.

Cleanliness should be of numero uno in your to-do list when you decide to get a bird. When you visit the store, the first thing that should ring the warning bell is a strong stench of urine and feces. This means the birds and the animals in the store are not cleaned properly by the owners. This points to the lack of care and negligence towards hygiene. Look into the bird cages yourself. If you find filth heaps at the bottom of the birdcage or on the perches, it clearly indicates the birds are just not looked after. The owners are least bothered about the safety and hygiene of the birds. Leave the bird store immediately. Quaker Parrots that are not kept clean will be prone to diseases and infections.

The water bowl is another indication of the health of Quaker Parrots. If the water looks swampy, it hasn’t been changed for a long time. If the food/water cup is empty, it shows the poor diet the Quaker Parrot is on. The owners are just not concerned about the health of the Quaker Parrots.

The Quaker Parrots may show signs of the terrible conditions that they are living in. Look out for signs of sickness and disease. They may appear puffed up and heavy-eyed, with dull and lifeless feathers. As an inexperienced Quaker Parrot owner, you may not know the symptoms of a sick or unhealthy bird, but the chances of getting a healthy bird here are rare. Therefore, avoid such stores.

A quality place will take proper care of its birds. You will see a marked difference in how the birds are kept, fed and looked after. The very sight of this place will tell you that the birds and their cages are kept clean, and that there is always an adequate supply of granular food and water. Good stores tend to supplement

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