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their birds’ diets with human food for good nutrition. This is essential to ensure a long and healthy life. A seed and water diet may ultimately have an adverse effect on the health of the bird.

How to decide on a good pet

Now that you know WHERE you should look for a healthy Quaker Parrot, you need to know HOW you will decide on the Quaker Parrot species that will suit your lifestyle. As a serious bird lover, you have to do your homework. If you have read the Living with Quaker Parrots handbook, and you still have questions, ask the storekeeper to get the correct information. If you are unlucky, you will only get professional and business-minded one-liners to ensure a sale. Here is one of my articles that has appeared in many websites. Follow the rules and you will end up buying the right Quaker Parrot for yourself and your family.

Which Quaker Parrot is right for me? This is a question that you must ask yourself before you think of keeping these lovely birds as pets. It is as important as your decision to have a child. You need to ask - which Quaker Parrot is right for me - because every Quaker Parrot has its distinctive temperament and nature. No two Quaker Parrots are alike.

Quaker Parrots need a lot of attention and love to become adorable pets. Once they bond with you, you will realize how precious they are as pets. Choose your Quaker Parrot according to your lifestyle.

10 Commandments for choosing the right Quaker Parrot for your household:

  • No Impulse Shopping : Try not to adopt or purchase a pet on a whim or

inspiration. Make it a deliberate, thought-out action

  • Shop Around : Take the time to learn all about the kind of pet you are

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