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formative years help to shape its personality. And learning its past history will help you understand his needs and behavior in a better way.

When you take in a bird that has been brought from another house, your expectations about its compatibility with you and vice versa should not be too high. The behavioral problems of the Quaker Parrot can worsen by the stress of having to leave it's home, having to adapt to new conditions in a new house, and having to form new attachments. This can take a toll on your nerves too, especially if this is your first pet Quaker Parrot. And the fact that bird-owners wishing to give up a Quaker Parrot are often not very honest about the behavioral problems of the bird can add to your pathetic plight. Before deciding to adopt a second-hand pet, it would be advisable to:





Have prior experience in dealing with young Quaker Parrots. So, it is better for first time Quaker Parrot owners to buy from pet stores or breeders. Empathize with the behavioral differences between a sexually mature and an infant Quaker Parrot. Well, wouldn't you accept the difference between a teen boy busy impressing girls and an infant? Wouldn't their attitude to food be different? Be prepared to seek professional support when required. Don't be shy to tell people you are ignorant. Your forthrightness may save lives! Have a deep sense of steadfastness to keep the Quaker Parrot despite all the difficulties. Wise men say, walking out is the easiest thing to do. Living with a problem and finding solutions for it is the biggest challenge and the greatest thrill of life.

Sometimes, the behavioral problems in second-hand Quaker Parrots occur because of poor diet, inadequate rest, unhappy or non-conducive environments, or scarce attention. These problems may disappear in a new environment, but your Quaker Parrot will take time to get used to better conditions. Surprisingly,

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