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some Quaker Parrots have no behavior problems. They lose home for no reason other than lack of devotion on the part of the owner. You must, therefore, accept that like other pets, a second-hand Quaker Parrot also needs unconditional commitment when you bring it home. Love it with your heart and you will realize the true essence of being loved.

Choosing the Breeder Is Important

Communication with the breeder (from whom you have bought your Quaker Parrot) should continue even after you bring the Quaker Parrot home. Initially, it is the breeder who knows and understands your Quaker Parrot much more then you do. The breeder should share your love and respect for birds, even if he is not a very renowned one. If he adores and loves birds, he will be able to share valuable insight with you about your Quaker Parrot’s behavior patterns and taming tricks. So, take time to select the right breeder. Make sure that you share a comfortable relationship with him and he is ready to help you with advice and active support.

Be an Informed Buyer

Before we move on to the next topic, let's go through what we have discussed so far. Do your homework well before buying a Quaker Parrot as your pet. Ask friends. Check the Internet. Read as much as possible to become an informed buyer. You are likely to make lesser mistakes while choosing your Quaker Parrot. There is a whole treasure-house of facts on bird ownership out there. Learn from other bird owners and the breeder. They should be having tons of information. Select the genus of the Quaker Parrot and the stubble-jumper carefully. Just before making the move, think again. Do you really want a Quaker Parrot in your life? Only if you are dead serious about it, go for it. Don't play with another life.

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