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So………….you finally decided to buy a Quaker Parrot.

There are certain truths about Quaker Parrots that you must accept when you buy the first Quaker Parrot. Contrary to popular beliefs, not every Quaker Parrot will automatically mimic sounds they hear. Don't be disheartened if your Quaker Parrot does not start immediately. You can always initialize the talking process. Teach your Quaker Parrot to 'speak' if it does not imitate your speech on its own. Quaker Parrots being America’s third most popular pet (after cats and dogs), there are millions like you who are highly interested to teach their Quaker Parrot to talk, imitate human speech and do wonderful things at home.

“Living with Quaker Parrots” gives you a crystal-clear insight into a life with Quaker Parrots. This acts as a complete guide and is for those who are interested in owning, maintaining and training these colorful bundle of feathers. This manual is meant for both novices and experienced bird lovers, and can help you take wise decisions while buying a Quaker Parrot. Moreover, this is a treasure trove of information for taking care of and maintaining your new bird in terms of diet and health issues. You will also discover some very useful tips on behavioral problems that your Quaker Parrot may show signs of. And remember, you must be prepared to deal with minor to severe behavioral disorders. Don't think you are the only Quaker Parrot owner in the world who is facing such problems. Quaker Parrots and problems sometimes go hand in hand but there are fantastic remedies available. All in all, you can become a pro in dealing with these colorful and lively birds. In our introduction to different Quaker Parrot species, you will discover a wealth of choices that you can make while buying your Quaker Parrot. Every Quaker Parrot species will not suit your lifestyle and

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