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behavior closely. This can be done easily when the Quaker Parrots are kept in individual cages. If you are looking for a Quaker Parrot that can be easily tamed and trained, it is best to choose a hand-raised Quaker Parrot. This type of bird may cost more, but in the long run, you will realize they will be worth the money. This is because they are already used to human techniques of caring and affection. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you may want to buy a second- hand bird. This means you are bringing home a bird that has been brought up in a completely different environment. There are equal advantages and disadvantages in the case of second-hand Quaker Parrots. The advantage is, you may not need too much time to train and tame it since it is already used to human voices and gestures. The disadvantage is this. It may be very difficult to inculcate new habits and behavior patterns in your feathered friend. Exercise immense patience and tolerance while teaching your second-hand Quaker Parrot.

But as a first time buyer, I would advise you not to not to choose by prices. What is the point if you get a cheap Quaker Parrot and spend hundreds or even thousands on treating its behavioral problems? Instead, you should go to an experienced breeder or a pet store and spend more to buy a healthy and happy Quaker Parrot. As a responsible pet owner, the heartbreak of watching a beloved pet die is not worth the few extra dollars you might save while buying one. The following are the most popular and the most sought after places when it comes to buying your Quaker Parrot.

Pet Stores

One of the most reliable places to buy your pet from, these pet shops are easy to locate. The best thing about the birds in these pet stores is most of them are bought from breeders. However, there are exceptions. You may not find the information provided by the owner or the staff unsatisfactory. Or, even worse, the living conditions of the birds may be pathetic. The cages, the floor and the store

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