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as a whole may be unclean and may stink of dried faeces or rotten food. Say no immediately and go to the next pet store. You may have to pay more for a bird from a clean and well-maintained pet store. But if you are looking for a healthy and high quality Quaker Parrot, it's worth paying more!

Bird Specialty Stores

Pet stores that deal specifically with birds and bird products are the ideal choice for you because their reputation and profit depend on the quality of the birds they sell. Usually, bird specialty stores keep good quality Quaker Parrots. This is primarily because devoted and committed bird lovers run these bird specialty stores. You can rely on the information provided by them about the birds. In most cases, the owner may have procured his birds from a reputed breeder, which means that the birds may be bred-on-site or hand raised. This in turn means they are healthy and well-fed birds and are not likely to develop behavioral problems.


If you decide to buy your bird directly from a breeder, you will find there are two kinds of bird breeders. Some people breed birds out of love and they want to share the lovely bundle of feathers with like-minded people. Others see breeding only as a money-making business. When dealing with ‘live’ wares, this can cause problems as the breeder’s ethics (or lack of them) directly affects the birds. Before you decide to buy a Quaker Parrot, try and arrange a visit to the breeding facilities and talk to the breeder. You should see the coops and the baby area. Also, contact other people who have bought birds from the same breeder. Call them and find out before you make your purchase.


Newspapers also help a lot when it comes to finding a variety of birds. However,

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