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Part 2. “Freshman Class Reviews” … Coach Ray Perkins 1983-1986 - page 11 / 11





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INCOMING RATING In the early 80’s, there were very few recruiting publications available. I ordered Joe Terranova in 1980 because he was generally regarded as the National expert. Blue Chips out of California was also a National publication I ordered. I used newspapers like the Atlanta J-C and B’Ham P-H for the Southeastern list and ratings. In the following years, I subscribed to Max Emfinger for a National list. In the South, Forrest Davis came on the scene and finally in the late 80’s numerous publications became available. The best of which IMO was and still is Pigskin Preps. Barry Holland and I are from North Alabama and learned of each other’s interest in recruiting. We shared information and many phone calls for years. Then Barry and Freddie Kirby started Pigskin Preps, a very accurate recruiting publication was created. Freddie is a “walking computer” full of recruiting information. Many of you know him and will agree. These guys got me started going to T-Town to observe prospects on their official visits and it remains an annual ritual.

My incoming ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale with a “5” rating the highest. A “5” rated player is basically a top 75 prospect in the Southeast or a top 200 player in the nation. Each year I get several different lists of ratings for high school prospects, then give each signee an incoming rating based on those sources. I then take those individual ratings and average them for a “class incoming rating”. I consider a class incoming rating of 4.0 to 4.1 as good. It requires 80% of the total class to be rated a “4” or above to achieve that number.


    • 3.6

      – less ….. Poor

    • 3.7

      – 3.9 ……Average

4.0 – 4.1 ……Good 4.2 – above …Excellent

OUTGOING RATING I created my own rating system based on factors I personally believe distinguish a career. Positive factors would be fulfilling 4-5 year commitment, contributing with significant playing time for multiple years, starter multiple years, and of course achieving all-star status. Negative factors would be not staying with the program for a full 4-5 years and no significant playing time during entire career.

My outgoing ratings are based on a 1 to 6 scale with a “6” rating the highest. A “6’ rated player is your All- American or multiple All-SEC selections. After giving each original class member an outgoing career rating, I average the individual ratings for a “class outgoing rating”. I consider a 3.2 to 3.3 to be a good class rating. It requires approximately 60% of the entire class to contribute a “3” rated career or above. Even today, most coaches consider that to be good overall contribution from a recruiting class.

RATING SCALE – PLAYER “1” …. Never reported, quit, didn’t complete full 4-5 year commitment “2” …. On squad, limited playing contribution “3” …. Part-time starter, backup on 2-deep depth chart “4” …. Starter multiple years, significant contribution “5” …. All-SEC one year, Impact player “6” …. All-American or multiple All-SEC selection


    • 2.8

      – less …. Poor

    • 2.9

      – 3.1 ….. Average

    • 3.2

      – 3.3 …. Good

    • 3.4

      - above .. Excellent

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