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District 11E1 Newsletter 2010 2011

“Together We Serve”

September 2010

District Governor Lion Laura & PDG Lion Harry Johnson GREETINGS TO ALL LIONS OF 11 E1!!

The seasons are changing and fall is upon us. With the changing season, we direct out focus and activities to prepare for winter and the approaching holidays. Let us not lose focus as Lions. We all became Lions for one purpose, which is to "SERVE" our fellow man. There are many ways for us to accomplish our service. One way is to support our projects on a regular basis. I recently had the opportunity to visit one of our State projects, Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester, Michigan. Although I toured there 11 years ago, the visit renewed my personal vision and commitment of the services that we provide. Did you know there are over 14,000 graduate teams’ (dog and recipient) since its beginning in 1939? Those teams are located in countries like Spain, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and of course, our United States. The cost to raise, train and place a dog is currently $38,000 per dog. Of that, Lions provide only 20% of the cost. There are 91 families hosting breeding dogs and 450 puppy raisers in over 22 States. One fact that I found very disturbing is that since its inception 71 years ago, Leader Dogs has hosted Lions visiting from other States, even other Countries, but has NEVER been supported by 100% of the Michigan Lions Clubs. Being that Lions are creative, our Council of Governors came up with a unique idea to change our percentage of donations to this worthy Project. As I visit each of the clubs in our District, I am bringing with me a small coin holder that holds $5.00 worth of quarters. All that the individual Lions Club has to do is fill that holder up and return it to me. Not only is this a fun project but a rewarding one as well. If each of your members would reach into their pockets and bring out a quarter or two for this worthwhile project it wouldn't take long for our respective Districts to become 100%. While I'm on the subject of visitations, I would like to thank each of the Clubs for their hospitality and respect that they have afforded me and PDG Harry when we visited your Club. Many times after a strenuous day at work it is refreshing to know that you are among friends and fellow Lions members that share the same goals as other members around the District, State, and World. THANK YOU!!

Laura Johnson District 11E1 Governor

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