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Objectives General

958-805-10-1 The objective of this Subtopic is to improve the relevance, representational faithfulness, and comparability of the information that a not-for- profit entity (NFP) that is a reporting entity provides in its financial reports about a combination with one or more other NFPs, businesses, or nonprofit activities. [FAS 164, paragraph 1, sequence 1.1]

Scope and Scope Exceptions General

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    Overall Guidance

958-805-15-1 This Subtopic follows the same scope and scope exceptions as the Overall Subtopic, see Section 958-10-15.

958-805-15-2 The General Subsection of this Section establishes the pervasive scope for this Subtopic.

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958-805-15-3 The guidance in this Subtopic applies to a transaction or other event that meets the definition of either of the following: [FAS 164, paragraph 2, sequence 2.1]

  • a.

    A merger of not-for-profit entities [FAS 164, paragraph 2, sequence

      • 2.1.1


  • b.

    An acquisition by a not-for-profit entity. [FAS 164, paragraph 2, sequence 2.1.2]

958-805-15-4 This Subtopic does not apply to all of the following: [FAS 164, paragraph 2, sequence 2.1.3]

  • a.

    The formation of a joint venture [FAS 164, paragraph 2, sequence



  • b.

    The acquisition of an asset or a group of assets that does not constitute either a business or a nonprofit activity. (Subtopic 805-50 addresses the typical accounting for an asset acquisition.) [FAS 164, paragraph 2, sequence]

  • c.

    A combination between not-for-profit entities (NFPs), businesses, or nonprofit activities under common control. (Subtopic 805-50 addresses the typical accounting for a transfer of assets or an exchange of shares between entities under common control.) [FAS 164, paragraph 2, sequence]

  • d.

    A transaction or other event in which an NFP obtains control of another not-for-profit entity but does not consolidate that entity, as


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