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    > > Donor Relationships

958-805-25-22 An NFP acquirer shall not recognize an acquired donor relationship as an identifiable intangible asset separate from goodwill. [FAS 164, paragraph 38, sequence 38] Unlike acquired customer relationships (see paragraphs 805-20-55-23 through 55-25), acquired donor relationships are not recognized separately; they are instead subsumed into goodwill. [FAS 164, paragraph A72, sequence 173.3]

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    > > Collections

958-805-25-23 An NFP acquirer that has an organizational policy of not capitalizing collections in accordance with paragraph 958-360-25-3 shall not recognize as an asset those items (works of art, historical treasures, or similar assets) that it acquires as part of an acquisition and adds to its collection. Rather, the acquirer shall do both of the following: [FAS 164, paragraph 39, sequence

    • 39.1


      • a.

        Recognize the cost of the collection items purchased (either by the transfer of consideration or the assumption of liabilities in excess of assets acquired) as a decrease in the appropriate class of net assets in the statement of activities and as a cash outflow for investing activities [FAS 164, paragraph 39, sequence 39.1.1]

      • b.

        Not recognize the fair value of collection items contributed—either as an asset or as contribution revenue. [FAS 164, paragraph 39, sequence

        • 39.1.2


958-805-25-24 An acquired item that is not added to the acquirer’s collection shall be recognized as an asset in accordance with paragraph 805-20-25-1. [FAS 164, paragraph 39, sequence 39.2]

958-805-25-25 Example 1 (see paragraphs 958-805-55-49 through 55-50) and Example 2 (see paragraphs 958-805-55-51 through 55-54) provide guidance on determining whether an acquired collection item is purchased or contributed and, if purchased, the appropriate amount of cost to attribute to it. [FAS 164, paragraph 39, sequence 39.2]

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    > > Conditional Promises to Give

958-805-25-26 An NFP acquirer shall apply the guidance in paragraphs 958-605- 25-11 through 25-15 to account for conditional promises to give. That guidance requires the acquirer to do either of the following: [FAS 164, paragraph 40, sequence 40.1]

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    Recognize a conditional promise only if the conditions on which it depends are substantially met as of the acquisition date [FAS 164, paragraph 40, sequence 40.1.1]

  • b.

    Recognize a transfer of assets with a conditional promise to contribute them as a refundable advance unless the conditions have been


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