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if the acquiree has the qualifying assets. If so, the acquirer may either report the expiration of those restrictions separately or aggregate and report them together with other similar expirations of donor-imposed restrictions during the period in which the acquisition occurs. [FAS 164, paragraph 74, sequence 74.1.1.]

958-805-45-10 If transferring consideration results in changes in net asset classifications other than those described in the preceding paragraph, an NFP acquirer shall report those changes separately from both any other reclassifications and any expiration of those restrictions during the period in which the acquisition occurs. For example, an acquirer that transfers as consideration its unrestricted assets and acquires assets from the acquiree that have permanent or temporary donor restrictions shall recognize a reclassification in its statement of activities. [FAS 164, paragraph 74, sequence 74.1.2]

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    Statement of Cash Flows

958-805-45-11 An NFP acquirer shall report the entire amount of any net cash flow related to an acquisition (cash paid as consideration, if any, less acquired cash of the acquiree) in the statement of cash flows as an investing activity. [FAS 164, paragraph 75, sequence 75.1] Example 7 (see paragraphs 958-805- 55-68 through 55-70) illustrates this requirement. [FAS 164, paragraph 75, sequence 75.2]

Disclosure Merger of Not-for-Profit Entities

958-805-50-1 The new {Glossary link} not-for-profit entity {Glossary link} (NFP) shall disclose information that enables users of its financial statements to evaluate the nature and financial effect of the {Glossary link} merger of not-for-profit entities {Glossary link} that resulted in its formation. [FAS 164, paragraph 17, sequence 17]

958-805-50-2 To meet the objective in the preceding paragraph, the new NFP shall disclose the following information for the merger that resulted in its formation: [FAS 164, paragraph 18, sequence 18.1]

  • a.

    The name and a description of each merging entity [FAS 164, paragraph 18, sequence 18.1.1]

  • b.

    The merger date [FAS 164, paragraph 18, sequence 18.1.2]

  • c.

    The primary reasons for the merger [FAS 164, paragraph 18, sequence 18.1.3]

  • d.

    Both of the following for each merging entity: [FAS 164, paragraph 18, sequence 18.1.4]

    • 1.

      The amounts recognized as of the merger date for each major class of assets and liabilities and each class of net assets [FAS 164, paragraph 18, sequence]

    • 2.

      The nature and amounts, if applicable, of any significant assets (for example, conditional promises receivable or collections) or liabilities


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