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    An NFP shall test previously recognized intangible assets deemed to have indefinite useful lives for impairment in accordance with paragraphs 350-30-35-18 through 35-20. The test shall be performed as of the beginning of the fiscal year in which the pending content that links to this paragraph is initially applied. This transitional intangible asset impairment test shall be completed in the first interim period in which the pending content that links to this paragraph is initially applied. [FAS 164, paragraph 100, sequence

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    Any resulting impairment loss shall be recognized as the effect of a change in accounting principle. [FAS 164, paragraph 100, sequence 100.5] An NFP shall present that transitional impairment loss, net of any related income tax effects, in a separate line item outside a performance indicator or any intermediate measure of operations, if one is presented. [FAS 164, paragraph 100, sequence 100.6]

Amendments to Topic 810


Amend paragraph 810-10-45-16, with a link to transition paragraph 810-10-

65-1, as follows:


810-10-45-16 The noncontrolling interest shall be reported in the consolidated statement of financial position within equity (net assets), separately from the parent’s equity (or net assets). That amount shall be clearly identified and labeled, for example, as noncontrolling interest in subsidiaries (see paragraph 810-10-55-4I). An entity with noncontrolling interests in more than one subsidiary may present those interests in aggregate in the consolidated financial statements. A not-for-profit entity shall report the effects of any donor-imposed restrictions, if any, in accordance with paragraph 958-810-45-1. [ARB 51,

paragraph 26, sequence




59.1] 810-10-55-4C



, with a link to

transition paragraph 810-10-65-1, as follows:

810-10-55-4C Subsidiary A has 10,000 shares of common stock outstanding, all of which are owned by its parent, Entity ABC. The carrying amount of Subsidiary A’s equity is $200,000. Entity ABC sells 2,000 of its shares in Subsidiary A to an unrelated entity for $50,000 in cash, reducing its ownership interest from 100 percent to 80 percent. That transaction is accounted for by recognizing a noncontrolling interest in the amount of $40,000 ($200,000 × 20 percent). The $10,000 excess of the cash received ($50,000) over the adjustment to the carrying amount of the noncontrolling interest ($40,000) is recognized as an increase in additional paid-in capital attributable to Entity ABC. If the parent is a


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