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  • 4.

    The disclosures in paragraphs 810-10-50-1A through 50-1B shall be provided.

    • c.

      Paragraph 810-10-45-21 requires that the noncontrolling interest

continue to be attributed its share of losses even if that attribution results in a deficit noncontrolling interest balance. If, in the year of adoption, an entity’s consolidated net income attributable to the parent would have been significantly different had the prior requirement in paragraph 810-10-45-7 been applied, the entity shall disclose pro forma consolidated net income attributable to the parent and pro forma earnings per share as if the previous prior requirement in paragraph 810-10-45-7 had been applied in the year of adoption.

  • d.

    Not-for-profit entities (NFPs) shall not apply the pending text that links to this paragraph.paragraph prospectively in the first set of initial or annual financial statements for a reporting period beginning on or after December 15, 2009. [FAS 164, paragraph 93, sequence 93.1]

  • e.

    The pending content linked to this paragraph may amend or supersede either nonpending content or other pending content with different or the same effective dates. If a paragraph contains multiple pending content versions of that paragraph, it may be necessary to refer to the transition paragraphs of all such pending content to determine the paragraph that is applicable to a particular fact pattern.

Amendments to Other Topics


Amend paragraph 105-10-70-2, with a link to transition paragraph 958-805-

65-1, as follows:

105-10-70-2 Certain accounting standards have allowed for the continued application of superseded accounting standards for transactions that have an ongoing effect in an entity’s financial statements. That superseded guidance has not been included in the Codification, shall be considered grandfathered, and shall continue to remain authoritative for those transactions after the effective date of FASB Statement No. 168, The FASB Accounting Standards Codification™ and the Hierarchy of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. While not comprehensive, the following are examples of such grandfathered items:

  • a.

    Pooling of interests in a business combination (originally addressed by APB Opinion No. 16, Business Combinations) described in paragraph B217 of FASB Statement No. 141, Business Combinations

  • b.

    Pension transition assets or obligations described in paragraph 77 of FASB Statement No. 87, Employers’ Accounting for Pensions

  • c.

    Employee stock ownership plan shares (originally addressed by AICPA Statement of Position 76-3, Accounting Practices for Certain Employee Stock Ownership Plans) purchased by, and held as of, December 31, 1992, as described in paragraphs 97 and 102 of AICPA Statement of


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