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an error like this, reboot the system and perform a Windows chkdsk when the system restarts. Ghost should be functional again. [13004]


PGP WDE recovery disks are compatible only with the version of PGP Desktop that created the recovery CD. For example, if you attempt to use a 9.9 recovery disk to decrypt a disk protected with PGP WDE version 9.12 software, it will render the PGP WDE disk inoperable. [10556]


Errors when attempting to encrypt your disk are often caused by bad sectors on a hard disk. These can frequently be corrected with third-party products which repair and ensure the health of your disk. The Windows CHKDSK program may resolve the issue in some instances, but more comprehensive programs such as SpinRite from Gibson Research Corporation (http://www.grc.com) are often required. Additionally, if your disk is seriously fragmented, PGP Corporation recommends that you defragment your disk prior to encryption using the Windows Disk Defragmenter. [10561]


(Dell systems only) Advanced boot diagnostics that are normally accessible by pressing F12 during the boot process are not available on disks encrypted with PGP WDE. To run advanced boot diagnostics using F12, first decrypt the disk, and then run diagnostics. [12120]


Certain programs are incompatible with the PGP Whole Disk Encryption feature; do not install these products on a system with PGP Desktop, and do not install PGP Desktop on a system with these products installed:

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Faronics Deep Freeze (any edition) [15443] Utimaco Safeguard Easy 3.x. [8010]

Absolute Software's CompuTrace laptop security and tracking product. PGP Whole Disk Encryption is compatible only with the BIOS configuration of CompuTrace. Using CompuTrace in MBR mode is not compatible. [10884, 11394]


Hard disk encryption products from GuardianEdge Technologies: Encryption Anywhere Hard Disk and Encryption Plus Hard Disk products, formerly known as PC Guardian products. [12005, 12065]

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Safeboot Solo co-exists on the system but blocks PGP WDE. SecureStar SCPP co-exists on the system but blocks PGP WDE.

Wave Systems' Dell Embassy Trust Suite co-exists on the system but causes the system to slow down. [19297]


In a Universal-managed environment, if a disk is encrypted with PGP

Whole Disk Encryption prior to enrollment with PGP Universal, the

must be selected on the PGP Universal Server for the Whole Disk Recovery Token (WDRT) to be uploaded to the PGP Universal Server; otherwise the token will not be automatically uploaded when the system is enrolled with PGP Universal. [12183]


PGP Desktop is compatible with the IBM ThinkVantage fingerprint software version 5.6.1 or later. [13786]


: When using PGP WDE SSO, PGP Corporation recommends that organizations enable the Microsoft Group Policy option

. This ensures that password expiration and forced changes happen as soon as possible. For more information regarding this setting, see the following Microsoft Knowledgebase articles. [14142]


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http://support.microsoft.com/kb/305293 : Do not make any changes to the system partition on a boot disk

that has been encrypted by PGP WDE; it will fail to boot properly on the next startup. If you must make changes to the partitioning of an encrypted disk, decrypt the disk first and then make the partition changes.


: CHKDSK may report errors in a file called PGPWDE01 when checking a disk that has been encrypted with PGP Whole Disk Encryption. This file is protected by PGP Whole Disk Encryption and such errors can be ignored. [20197]

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