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Novell GroupWise 6.5

PGP Corporation is pleased to announce compatibility with Microsoft's new Exchange Server 2007. PGP Desktop 9.6 introduced support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft Office 2007. When used with Internet-standard PGP/MIME (RFC 3156) messages, full message fidelity is preserved for all secured messages.

With Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft has introduced a change in functionality that converts all messages to its internal MAPI format immediately upon processing, unlike previous versions of Exchange that supported the MIME standard for email. Exchange Server 2007, when both sending and receiving via non-MAPI clients, destroys MIME structures in email. However, PGP/MIME-encoded messages are fully compatible with this Microsoft transition even when MAPI is not in use. All messages sent between PGP Corporation's MAPI clients are also fully compatible.

Please note that messages encoded using the legacy "PGP Partitioned" format may not always display HTML message content properly, and foreign character sets in such messages may not reproduce correctly when processed through Exchange Server 2007. If such messages are processed from non-MAPI clients, the server may delete some encrypted HTML body parts and remove non-ASCII character set information, thus resulting in messages that do not preserve full fidelity. If your organization currently uses the legacy PGP Partitioned encoding with non-MAPI clients, PGP Corporation recommends not upgrading to Exchange Server 2007 at this time. PGP Corporation is working with Microsoft to seek additional solutions for compatibility between Exchange Server and the MIME standard.

PGP Corporation will update the Support Knowledge Base Article #713 (https://support.pgp.com/?faq=713) as more information becomes available.

PGP Desktop is compatible with the following instant messaging clients when encrypting AIM instant messages, file transfers, and direct connections:


AOL AIM 5.9.x


Encryption of file transfers and direct connections requires AOL Instant Messenger 5.9.3702 on Windows (with the Firewall preference set to “AOL proxy server only”) or Apple iChat 3.1.5 on Mac OS X.


Audio and video connections are not encrypted by PGP Desktop.


AOL AIM 6.5.5


To encrypt instant messages with AIM 6.5, you must change the default port that AIM uses from 493 to 5190.

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Audio and video connections are not encrypted by PGP Desktop.

Continued interoperability with the AIM service may be affected by changes made to the underlying AIM protocols after PGP Desktop version 9.12 is released.


Trillian 3.1 (Basic and Pro)

Other instant messaging clients may work for basic instant messaging, but have not been certified for use.

In all anti-virus programs, enabling real-time scanning detects any viruses as the email or attachments are opened. Therefore, although it is recommended to disable email scanning for some of the anti-virus products listed below, your email is still being scanned and you are still being protected by your anti-virus product from viruses spread via email.


When using SMTP, POP, or IMAP, disable the Real-Time Protection feature or uninstall BitDefender. [13687]

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