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installing this release. Be sure to back up your keys and keyrings before uninstalling. Note that if you have used PGP Whole Disk Encryption, you will need to unencrypt your disk before you can uninstall PGP Desktop.

PGP Desktop uses a licensing system to determine what features will be active. Depending on the license you have, some or all PGP Desktop features will be active. Consult your PGP administrator if you have questions about what features are available with your license.

Use the Setup Assistant to enter your PGP Desktop license after installation. If you are in a domain protected by a PGP Universal Server, your PGP administrator may have configured your PGP Desktop installer with a license.

The PGP Desktop features that will be active on your system depend on the type of license you have:

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PGP Desktop Professional 9.12 includes PGP Desktop Email and PGP Whole Disk Encryption. PGP Desktop Storage 9.12 includes PGP Whole Disk Encryption and PGP NetShare. PGP Desktop Enterprise 9.12 includes PGP Desktop Email, PGP Whole Disk Encryption and PGP


You can also use PGP Desktop without a license, but for

. Commercial use of PGP

Desktop without a license is a violation of the End-User License Agreement (EULA). If you choose to use PGP Desktop without a license (and you are legally permitted to do so under the EULA for non-commercial use), most PGP Desktop features will not work; only basic functionality will be available.

For more information about PGP Desktop licensing and purchase options, go to the PGP Store (https://store.pgp.com/).


The Current Window/Clipboard encryption and decryption features are supported on Windows 32-bit systems only. This feature is not available on 64-bit systems.


The Current Window/Clipboard encryption and decryption features do not support ISO-2022-JP. [7489]


Net Nanny software from ContentWatch does not properly handle Windows networking under Windows Vista with PGP Desktop. Contact ContentWatch for updates to their software. [14178]


: If you encounter problems with Oracle application using Oracle JInitiator you may be able to use the latest version of the Sun Java Runtime Environment to run your Oracle applications. [15543]


: PGP Desktop is compatible with Google Desktop installed if you disable the option in Google Desktop to index mail. [16286]


: If you are using PGP Desktop version 8.1 in a international setting (such as Japan), PGP Desktop incorrectly encodes the suggested file name. For proper interaction between PGP Desktop 8.1 and 9.x when decrypting files in PGP Desktop 9.x

that were encrypted with PGP Desktop 8.1, be sure to select the checkbox to

when encrypting (in


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