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Dell PowerEdge 1855 Blade Server

The DellPowerEdge1855 server is the first blade server to deliver on the promise of high density computing with complete server class features and a price advantage over traditional rack servers.

Dell PowerEdge 1855

Performance and Density The PowerEdge 1855 blade server is designed to provide greater performance per square foot and as much as 43% better density than traditional 1U servers1. As a result, customers no longer need to

compromise server class features and performance to save valuable data center space. The PowerEdge 1855 blade offers performance today and scalability for tomorrow with dual 64-bit Intel® Xeonprocessors (single-core or dual-core) and a chassis that supports future technologies.

Each blade server also includes an 800MHz front side bus designed to move data quickly, scalable DDR-2 memory for demanding applications and PCI Expressarchitecture for excellent scalability and performance. Additionally, the PowerEdge 1855 server incorporates high availability features such as h o t p l u g g a b l e a n d r e d u n d a n t h a r d d r i v e s w i t h i n t e g r a t e d h a r d w a r e R A I D f u n c t i o n a l i t y , I / O m o d u l e s ,

cooling fans and power supplies for reliability.

Bringing the “Dell Effect” to the Blade Server Market While most of the major manufacturers charge a price premium for blade servers, Dell delivers cost savings from beginning to end with the PowerEdge 1855 blade server. By leveraging the Direct Model and superior operational efficiency, the PowerEdge 1855 delivers as much as a 25% price advantage over similarly configured Dell 1U servers2.

Additionally, the PowerEdge 1855 blade server saves expensive data center square footage because it

requires less physical space. It is designed for low power consumption per server for further savings. And with support for multiple generations of blade servers and I/O technologies, it can protect your investment well into the future.

Easy to Manage - Just Like Other PowerEdge Servers T h e P o w e r E d g e 1 8 5 5 b l a d e s e r v e r n o t o n l y s a v e s m o n e y , b u t c a n a l s o s a v e I T s t a f f t i m e a n d h a s s l e s w i t h

simple deployment and management tools. It features the intuitive Dell OpenManageSuite that provides easy deployment, change management and monitoring options.

Managing the PowerEdge 1855 blade server is just like managing other Dell servers. Why should your systems management strategy be dictated by the form factor of a server or your hardware vendor of choice? Its flexibility allows integration into leading third party enterprise management applications and existing management infrastructures.

Based on industry-standard technology, the dense chassis of the PowerEdge 1855 server is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing environments, thus reducing complexity and protecting investments. What’s more, the blade features industry-standard rack rails and a minimal number of cables so that it is easy to incorporate into existing data center space.

The Dell PowerEdge 1855 blade server offers the optimal balance of leading server class features, density and price with investment protection for the future.


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