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Session Coordinator: Colonel Michael Babcock (Assistant Air Force Deputy to NOAA)

Wednesday afternoon 1:00-4:30 p.m.

Session 8: Research to Operations: The Latest on the Joint Hurricane Testbed and Future


Session Leaders: Rapporteurs:

Dr. Chris Landsea (TPC/NHC) and Ms. Shirley Murillo (HRD) Ms. Mary Cairns (OFCM) and Mr. Floyd Hauth (OFCM/STC)

1:00 PM Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT): 2006 Update Jiann-Gwo Jiing (TPC/NHC); and C. Landsea and S. Murillo 1:15 PM Development and Implementation of NHC/JHT Products in ATCF Charles R. (Buck) Sampson (NRL-Monterey) 1:30 PM Assimilating Moisture Information from Global Positioning System (GPS) Dropwindsondes into the NOAA Global Forecast System Jason P. Dunion (HRD); and S. Aberson 1:45 PM Verification of the Monte Carlo Tropical Cyclone Wind Speed Probabilities: A Joint Hurricane Testbed Project Update John A. Knaff (NESDIS/ORA); and M. DeMaria and C. Lauer 2:00 PM Tropical Cyclone Wind Radii Estimation Utilizing an Empirical Inland Wind Decay


John Kaplan, (HRD); and M. DeMaria, N. Carrasco, and J. Dunion

2:15 PM VORTAC—A Utility to Deduce Central Pressure and Radius of Maximum Wind of

Landfalling Tropical Cyclones Using WSR-88D Data Wen-Chau Lee (NCAR); and P. Harasti and M. Bell

2:30 PM Afternoon Break (2:30-3:00 p.m.)

3:00 PM Mapping of Topographic Effects of Maximum Sustained Surface Wind Speeds in

Landfalling Hurricanes

Craig Miller (Univ. of Western Ontario)

3:15 PM Operational SFMR-NAWIPS Airborne Processing and Data Distribution Products James Carswell (Remote Sensing Solutions); and P. Chang, T. Mavor, P. Black, and E. Uhlhorn 3:30 PM Improved Statistical Intensity Forecast Models: A Joint Hurricane Testbed Project Year 2 Progress Report Mark DeMaria (NESDIS/ORA); and J. Knaff and J.Kaplan 3:45 PM Eastern Pacific Ocean Heat Content Estimates for SHIPS Forecasting Lynn K. Shay (RSMAS/UM) and J. Brewster 4:00 PM Statistical Hurricane Intensity Prediction Scheme with Microwave Imagery

(SHIPS-MI): Results from 2006

Daniel J. Cecil (Univ. of Alabama/Huntsville

4:15 PM Drag Coefficient Distribution and Wind Speed Dependence in Tropical Cyclones

Mark D. Powell (HRD); and Frank Marks (presenting)

5:15 PM OFCM Staff Meeting (5:15-5:45 p.m.)


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