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3:45 PM Transition of GFDL Hurricane Prediction System to HWRF: A JHT-Funded Project

Morris A. Bender (GFDL); T. Marchok, I. Ginnis, B. Thomas, and R. Tuleya 4:00 PM Hurricane Model Transitions to Operations at NCEP/EMC: A JHT-Funded Project

Robert E. Tuyela (NCEP); and S. Gopalkrishnan, V. Tallapragada, Y. Kwon, and N.Surgi 4:15 PM Ocean Initialization System for Coupled Hurricane-Ocean Models and its Transition


Isaac Ginis (University of Rhode Island); and R. Yablonsky

4:30 PM Evaluation of the Simulated Oceanic Response to Hurricane Ivan in Comparison to

High-Quality Ocean Observations George R. Halliwell (RSMAS/UM); and L. Shay and W. Teague

Tuesday afternoon, 4:45-5:15 p.m.

One-Minute Poster Previews


Colonel Michael Babcock (Assistant Air Force Deputy to NOAA)

5:15 PM OFCM Staff Meeting (5:15-5:45 p.m.)

5:30 PM Poster Session (5:30-7:30 p.m.) Plus Snacks and Cash Bar

P01 Application of TRMM Multi-Satellite Precipitation Analysis and MODIS Aerosols to

Hurricane Studies

Scott A. Braun (NASA/GSFC)

P02 Verification of the National Hurricane Center’s Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Tropical

Weather Outlooks

Daniel P. Brown (TPC/NHC); and J. Rhome

P03 Introduction of an Inundation Analysis of Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis, and Katrina

Kathleen Egan (NOS/CO-OPS); and L. Huang and L. Fenstermacher P04 NOS Storm Surge Partnership Project: Improving Gulf Coast Storm Surge Modeling,

Tools, and Methodologies Jesse Feyen (NOS); and F. Aikman, D. Marcy, E. Myers, J. Woolard, S. White, L. Dingerson, and J. Towers

P05 A Comparison of COSMIS, AIRS, Terra, and Aqua Temperature and Moisture

Profiles against Dropsondes in 2006 Atlantic Tropical Cyclones Pat Fitzpatrick (Mississippi State University); and Y.Lau, S. Bhate, and C. Hill

P06 The HRD Hurricane Field Program—2006 and 2007

John Gamache(HRD); and J. Dunion, J. Cione, and E. Uhlhorn

P07 Contributions of Satellite Microwave Data to Hurricane Research and Operations

Kyle Hilburn (Remote Sensing Systems); and C. Gentemann, D. Smith, and F. Wentz

P08 Improvements in QuikSCAT Near-Real-Time Wind Processing Implemented at


Zorana Jelenak (NESDIS); and P. Chang and M. Brennan

P09 The University of South Alabama Center for Hurricane Intensity and Landfall

Research Systke K. Kimball (Univ. of South Alabama); and P. Black, N.Surgi, and J. Proni


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