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Interagency Coordination in Hurricane Wind and Storm Surge Hazard Reduction

John Gaynor John.Gaynor@noaa.gov

Office of Weather and Air Quality Research Oceanic and Atmospheric Research National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

There are interagency and international efforts either refocusing or emerging that address wind hazard reduction with strong emphasis on hurricane winds. Some of these efforts also address storm surge and wave damage or, at least, attempt to separate storm surge- related damage from wind damage. This presentation will explain some of these efforts, including the major players, their charge, and the major tasks being undertaken or planned. This presentation will also highlight the need for better linkage between these activities, a need that may be enhanced in response to the recent National Science Board report: Hurricane Warning-The Critical Need for a National Hurricane Research Initiative.

One of the major new interagency activities is the implementation of the 2004 Congressional legislation known as The Windstorm Impact Reduction Act. The Act has a significant hurricane component and, recognizing the importance to the structural engineering community of delineating between the effects of wind and storm surge, it includes both components. The implementation of this act is the responsibility of the President’s Office of Science and Technology Policy. Other interagency activities that focus on wind and storm surge hazard reduction include the U.S.-Japan Bilateral Panel on Wind and Seismic Effects, part of the U.S.-Japan Natural Resources Program which is operated by the Department of State. There is also a bilateral NIST-NOAA initiative on Hazard Resilient Communities that includes wind and storm surge hazards with particular attention to hurricanes. Each of these efforts are interrelated, and there are overlaps among them.

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