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8:00 AM Diabatic Digital Filter Initialization for Tropical Cyclone Model Forecasting

Chi-Sann Liou (NRL-Monterey) 8:15 AM Prediction of Consensus TC Track Forecast Error and Correctors to Improve

Consensus TC Track Forecasts

James S. Goerss (NRL-Monterey)

8:30 AM Performance of the ECMWF High-Resolution Global Model and its Impact on

Consensus during the 2006 Northern Hemisphere Season Michael Fiorino (TPC/NHC) 8:45 AM Operational Implementation of an Objective Annular Hurricane Index

Andrea B. Schumacher (CIRA); and J. Knaff, T. Cram, M. Demaria, and J. Kossin 9:00 AM A Technique to Predict the Extratropical Transition of Tropical Cyclones

Elizabeth A. Ritchie (University of Arizona); and J. S. Tyo and O. Demirci 9:15 AM Understanding Wind/Wave Forcing of the St. Johns River

Scott C. Hagen (University of Central Florida); and Y. Funaksohi and A. Cox

9:30 AM Morning Break (9:30-10:00 a.m.)

Wednesday morning, 10:00-11:30 a.m.

Session 7: Damaging Winds, Precipitation, and Storm Surge: Physical and Socioeconomic Impacts of Landfalling Storms

Session Leaders: Rapporteur:

Dr. Abby Sallenger (USGS) and Mr. Todd Davison (NOS/CSC) Mr. Mark Gunzelman (OFCM/STC)

10:00 AM Hurricane Damages 1900 to 2005 – Why Do the Losses Keep Going Up? Roger Pielke Jr. (University of Colorado); and Chris Landsea (presenting) and J.Gratz 10:15 AM Interagency Coordination in Hurricane Wind and Storm Surge Hazard Reduction John Gaynor (NOAA/OAR) 10:30 AM Storm Surge/Flooding Disaster Mitigation Joseph W. Swaykos (University of Southern Mississippi) 10:45 AM Barrier Island Failure during Hurricane Katrina Asbury H. Sallenger, Jr. (USGS); and C. Wright and J. Lillycrop 11:00 AM NOAA’s Response to Hurricane Impacts on Ports, Harbors, Navigation Channels and the Surveying for Debris and Hurricane Hazards that Pose a Risk to Commercial Fishing, Shrimping, and Recreational Boating Tim Osborn (NOAA Office of Coast Survey); and E. Martin, P. Fink and C. Moegling 11:15 AM Using GIS to Map the Impacts of Marine Debris Left in the Wake of Hurricane


Brendan M. Bray (NOS)

11:30 AM Lunch (on your own) (11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.)


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