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Comparison of sugar side letter provisions

Table 5.10

November 4, 1993 Mexican version

Unlimited Mexican access to the US sugar market (i.e., no stipu- lation to exclude paragraph 16)

November 3, 1993 US version

Fiscal 2000–08:

If Mexico reaches net surplus producer status, the United States would allow maximum Mexican sugar exports of 250,000 tons

Beginning fiscal 2001 market- ing year (year 7), Mexico can export up to 150,000 tons

From fiscal 2002 to fiscal 2008 (years 8 to 14), Mexico can ship 110 percent of previ- ous marketing year’s ceiling according to original NAFTA terms

Revised side letter

Changed definition of surplus production of sugar that would limit Mexico’s ability to export sugar to the United States

Revised surplus production status defined by whether Mexican sugar production was greater than Mexican consumption of both sugar and high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)

Original side letter

Fiscal 1994–2008 (first 15 years):

Maximum Mexican sugar ex- ports limited to no more than net surplus production of sugar, equivalent to the differ- ence between domestic sugar production and consumption

Minimum Mexican sugar ex- port of 7,258 metric tons raw cane sugar duty-free into United States

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Fiscal 1994–2000 (first six years):

Fiscal 1994–2000 (first six years):

Denies Mexico unlimited ac- cess to the US sugar market by stipulating that paragraph 16 of Section A of NAFTA Annex 703.2 (waiver for quantitative limits) would “not apply”

Maximum duty-free access for Mexican sugar exports equal to the projected net surplus production up to 25,000 metric tons

Maximum duty-free access for Mexican sugar exports at no more than 25,000 metric tons raw value (mtrv)

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