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Article 13 – Unclaimed Property Act

(d) The property was subjected to custody by this state under section 38-13-104 (1) (f) and, under the laws of the state of domicile of the holder, the property has escheated to or become subject to a claim of abandonment by that state; or

(e) The property is the sum payable on a money order or other similar instrument that was subjected to custody by this state under section 38-13-105 and the instrument was purchased in the other state and, under the laws of that state, the property escheated to or became subject to a claim of abandonment by that state.

(2) The claim of another state to recover escheated or abandoned property must be presented in a form prescribed by the administrator, who shall decide the claim within ninety days after it is presented. The administrator shall allow the claim if he determines that the other state is entitled to the abandoned property under subsection (1) of this section.

(3) The administrator shall require a state, before recovering property under this section, to agree to indemnify this state and its officers and employees against any liability on a claim for the property.

Source: L. 87: Entire article added, p. 1327, § 1, effective July 1.

38-13-118.5. Claim of the state or governmental agency.

At any time after property has been paid or delivered to the administrator under this article, if the administrator determines that the state or a state governmental agency owns the property, the administrator may transfer the property to an operating account of the state or the agency.

Source: L. 2004: Entire section added, p. 1877, § 5, effective August 4.

38-13-119. Action to establish claim.

A person aggrieved by a decision of the administrator or whose claim has not been acted upon within ninety days after its filing may bring an action to establish the claim in a court of competent jurisdiction, naming the administrator as a defendant. The action must be brought within ninety days after the decision of the administrator or within one hundred eighty days after the filing of the claim if he has failed to act on it. If the aggrieved person establishes the claim in an action against the administrator, he shall be entitled to an award of costs and reasonable attorney fees.

Source: L. 87: Entire article added, p. 1328, § 1, effective July 1.

38-13-120. Election to take payment or delivery.

(1) The administrator may decline to receive any property reported under this article that the administrator considers to have a value less than the expense of giving notice and of sale. If the administrator elects not to receive custody of the property, the holder shall be notified within one hundred twenty days after filing the report required under section 38-13-110.

(2) A holder, with the written consent of the administrator and upon conditions and terms prescribed by him, may report and deliver property before the property is presumed abandoned. Property delivered under this subsection (2) must be held by the administrator and is not presumed abandoned until such time as it otherwise would be presumed abandoned under this article.

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