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Globally Unique Identifiers UIDs

Because there can be multiple trusted sources of information within an organization, almost always using disparate, independent IT systems to run them, the IT organization cannot count on the HR systems using a consistent identification scheme for people. Therefore, the IT organization must develop a globally unique identity system for all individuals in the organization, regardless of their role or governing HR system.

The most common approach to solving this problem is to assign each trusted source of personnel information a unique HR Source identifier.

A globally unique identifier (UID) for individuals can then be constructed by concatenating the HR Source identifier with the person's identifier within that HR system.

The Emergency Block Application

Emergency Block processes are usually initiated by a manager or some responsible individual and are not necessarily coordinated with other HR processes. They are usually considered urgent and must be initiated immediately. In most cases, this means that a separate application needs to be developed to grant managers and others sufficient authority to initiate an Emergency Block.

The Emergency Block Application adds the UID of a person to a Block List, which represents all employees that have been blocked. The Emergency Block Application must also provide a procedure for unblocking an employee if the crisis is resolved appropriately, which can be a form of onboarding to restore a person record in the directory and their identities and credentials in downstream systems.

HR update processes

The trusted sources of event information are responsible for synchronizing their information with the Master Directory by sending personnel update events to the Directory Update Application. These updates are sent when new people are added to the HR system or changes are made to their information (name changes, employee status changes, job position changes, and so on).

These are sent to the Directory Update Application on a periodic basis, often daily.

These updates are not described further in this document, but are generated and processed in a similar fashion to the offboarding Event Triggers described below.

On/offboarding Event Trigger processes

For Normal Termination of Employment processes, the trusted sources of personnel information will perform the appropriate business process for their system and, at some point, the relationship between the employee and the organization has been officially terminated. This point represents the trigger that starts the offboarding process for the IT systems.

As described above, Emergency Block processes are usually initiated by an application that is integrated with HR systems but is accessible by people outside of HR who may need to initiate the emergency block. These processes activate an immediate offboarding process and notify the HR systems that the process has been initiated.


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