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Master directory

As shown in this guide, having a master directory that combines all the trusted sources of HR information into a single directory that represents all of the relationships with individuals creates a single point where offboarding policies and processes can converge.

IBM Tivoli Directory Server11 is an LDAP standard based, enterprise-grade directory server that has a proven track record in terms of scalability and performance, which can be the foundation for a master directory for on/offboarding processes.

The IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator12 product is used to move and synchronize data from multiple authoritative sources into and out of LDAP-based directories. It can be a key component of the Directory Update Application described earlier in this guide by consolidating the HR events from the trusted sources of information and transforming them into changes for the master directory.

On/offboarding service bus

Once the on/offboarding event trigger detects offboarding events from the master directory change log and creates a message representing the event, it needs to be delivered to a wide variety of event subscribers. Some of these subscribing systems may be inside the organization, and some of them may be business partners outside the organization. Some of the subscribing systems may require a push model of delivery, while others may require a pull model. Given the potentially sensitive nature of the events, the messages need to be protected and authenticated.

These types of activities are ideal for an enterprise service bus and IBM has several offerings available for managing message protection and delivery:

  • WebSphere® Message Broker13

  • WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus

  • Tivoli Directory Integrator


The IBM SOA Consulting Services15 can help your organization design and develop both the service bus infrastructure needed for your organization and also help you design and deploy the offboarding business processes.

HR systems and emergency block application

In many organizations, there are multiple trusted sources of personnel information, often due to mergers and acquisitions that have taken place. As a result, there is no single place in the organization to obtain information about an employee, business partner, or contractor.

The IBM Single View of Customer solution, based on the IBM InfoSphere™ Master Data Management Server16, can be applied to internal employee directories as well. It can be used to consolidate HR data from multiple sources into a single view of an employee.







More product information about Tivoli Directory Server can be found at the following Web site: http://www.ibm.com/software/tivoli/products/directory-server/ More product information about Tivoli Directory Integrator can be found at the following Web site: http://www.ibm.com/software/tivoli/products/directory-integrator/ More product information about WebSphere Message Broker can be found at the following Web site: http://www.ibm.com/software/integration/wbimessagebroker/ More product information about WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus can be found at the following Web site: http://www.ibm.com/software/integration/wsesb/ More information about the IBM SOA Consulting Services can be found at the following Web site: http://www.ibm.com/software/solutions/soa/services.html?S_TACT=107AG01W&S_CMP=campaign More information about the IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server can be found at the following Web site: http://www.ibm.com/software/data/infosphere/mdm_server/

Using the IBM Security Blueprint to Address Business Risks for Employee Offboarding

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