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2009 has seen many changes and projects for the Trails Committee. These include reorganization of the committee, administration of grants, trail building, and volunteer days.

Organization The Trails Committee, formerly known as the “Regional Trails Committee”, scope of responsibility changed by vote of the Board of Selectman (BOS) on July 20, 2009. The committee petitioned the BOS to expand the mission from solely working on the Grand Trunk Trail and representing the town on the inter-town “Regional Trails Committee” to a more encompassing role. The new role allows the Committee to develop trails on all open space parcels within the town (with concurrence of town bodies exercising custody, care and control). In addition, the BOS agreed to increase the size of the committee from three to five voting members and up to an additional five nonvoting associate members.

Committee members: Randy Redetzke, Chairman Stephen Morris Doug Quigley Associate members: Ed Calcutt

Pat McGarrah Brandon Goodwin

Louie Berthiaume

With the town acquisition of open space in the last few years, the job of managing and developing these parcels has become a much greater endeavor requiring a uniform application of policies on all town parcels. The current structure of the town committees has resulted in overlap in several areas of responsibility. This by no means is a failure of

any committee or individual but solely the result of the growth in how

open space.

As the year comes to an end the Trails committee is

PLAC, Conservation Commission, Conservation Agent, and better define the working relationship between the committees.


the town manages working with the Administrator to

Recreational Trails Master Plan Steering Committee The July 20, 2009 BOS meeting also voted to form the Recreational Trails Master Plan Steering Committee (RTMPSC). The RTMPSC operates as a subcommittee to the Trails Committee for the development of a master plan related to trails. The mission of the RTMPSC is to present to the BOS a comprehensive recreational trail master plan that addresses the towns major open space parcels, economic interests, water routes and inter- town linkage. The plan is also intended to include priorities and phasing.

The RTMPSC is made up of nine members consisting of representation from several town committees and residents.

Tom Chamberland - (Chairman) PLAC Randy Redetzke - Trails Committee Brandon Goodwin - Trails Committee Calvin Montigny – Business Community Mike Moran – Community Preservation Committee


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