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Trail Head Parking Lot, Leadmine Road Volunteers installed new donated pipe gates, and a new parking lot sign. The original Kiosk was relocated to the Heins property and a number of barrier rocks where installed to control access of motorized vehicles. Volunteers removed trash and barb wire along Leadmine Rd and installed boundary marking signs.

Pond Loop Trail This fall volunteers completed the Pond Loop Trail. This Trail is a universal access, federal ABA compliant trail, built suitable for wheel chair access. The trail surface is fine crushed gravel with gentle terrain changes and includes a bridge built of donated materials that where supplied by Northern Tree Service and is recycled from a sound barrier wall system. The trail makes a loop starting at the trail head parking lot located on Leadmine Rd and includes a view of the pond with a bench. Future enhancements include additional root removal for a more uniform surface.

Cabin Loop Trail The cabin loop trail is a universal access loop trail with a native material surface. This trail is reached off of the Stafford Loop Trail. Volunteers removed debris and improved the trail surface this past year.

Stafford Turnpike Trail The Stafford Turnpike Trail originates across Leadmine Rd from the Trail Head Parking Lot on Leadmine Rd. This trail has had significant work done but is not fully complete. This year sections of the trail where rerouted to avoid wet areas along with other drainage improvements and reduced slope improvements. The trail includes an open meadow that is being managed for regeneration of wildlife habitat and a large hay meadow. The original stage coach route known as the Stafford Turnpike makes up a significant part of the trail. The Historical Commission, with assistance from the DPW has installed a plaque highlighting this historical feature. Remaining work includes final marking of the trail route, tree limb trimming and improvements to trail wet areas. When this trail is completed (anticipated to be spring of 2010), this trail and all other Heins Farm trails will be accurately mapped by volunteers utilizing Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment compatible with the town GIS system. This will then allow the generation of accurate trail maps.

Leadmine Mountain Wildlife Management Area

Arbutus Park Trail Work is currently on going in the area formerly known as Camp Robinson Crusoe with the construction of the Arbutus Park Trail. The Arbutus Park Trail when complete, will be a federal ABA compliant trail and will include three bridge crossings of sections of Hamant Brook, circling the ponds. Two bridges are currently installed and the third is planned for spring of 2010. As part of the installation of the new bridge crossing of Hamant Brook near the South pond, the original non functional culverts currently located in the middle of the Brook will be removed. In the event that the removal of the existing dams goes forward, no impact to the final route of this trail is anticipated. The Trails Committee is currently purchasing and stock piling gravel for the final trail surface as part of a $5000.00 grant received from the American Hiking Association in cooperation


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