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Letter Permits Requests for Determination of Applicability/Determinations of applicability Notice of Intent Applications/Orders of Conditions Amendments to Notices of Intent/Order of Conditions (does not include minor field modifications) Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation Applications/Order of Resource Area Delineation Requests for Extensions of Orders of Conditions Enforcement Orders/Cease & Desist Letters (violations) Emergency Certifications Certificate of Compliances

Site visits: The Conservation Agent and Conservation Commissioners have conducted site visits for all issued permits over the course of the year. In addition, site visits were conducted for inquires by landowners, complaints, building permit sign offs, project monitoring, and site investigation.

Other Important Activities in Which the Conservation Commission Is Involved Besides reviewing permit applications, the Conservation Commission is also actively involved with other Town activities such as lake water quality maintenance, management of Conservation Commission Open Space and Grant acquisition.

Leadmine Mountain Conservation Land In early 2006, the Town (in conjunction with MA Division of Fisheries & Wildlife) purchased 845 acres of undeveloped, forested land from Old Sturbridge Village. In the

spring of 2008, the Town completed a project to degraded buildings and other structures on the site.

demolish and remove 19 severely In July of 2008, the Conservation

Commission and Town of

approved an Order of Conditions Sturbridge for trail maintenance

submitted by the Conservation Department and improvements, the construction of bog

bridges worked

and the repair to Amend the

and replacement of footbridges. In 2009, Order of Conditions on this property for

the Conservation Agent the following reasons:.

This amendment was necessary handicapped-accessible parking

to complete in 2009 for a at the Leadmine Mountain

number of reasons: 1) limited Property 2) several failing and

unsafe bridges a bridge were

were identified needing immediate replacement, 3) trail improvements and determined necessary for back land access by public safety in the case of

an emergency. The assemblage of materials significant time commitment visiting each

needed for the NOI Amendment required a site, taking measurements, taking photos,

flagging drawing

wetlands and resource boundaries, discussing up bridge plans that would be acceptable to

designs DEP in

with project proponents, showing resource areas

boundaries writing of

and compliance with the regulations.









application also required the to be completed and a large

amount of back-up endangered species Order of Conditions

documentation like floodmaps, topographic maps, natural heritage maps, etc. The Conservation Commission approved the Amended in early 2010.

Over the past year, the Conservation Commission has worked with Tantasqua High School students and teachers on several student projects including the design and construction of much needed replacement bridges and also on an erosion control/wetland


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