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  • (d)

    Temporary signs may be placed only within the boundaries of the lot to which the permit applies;

  • (e)

    Signs shall be sufficiently anchored, weighted or tethered so as to prevent the sign from moving, blowing over, or otherwise posing a safety hazard;

  • (f)

    The color scheme and lettering style shall be consistent with the primary signs approved for the premises; or the signs may be white with black or red lettering;

  • (g)

    External illumination of signs will only be permitted when requested at the time of application and only when the Building Inspector approves the method and location of the lighting.”

Or take any action in relation thereto.


Planning Board

RECOMMENDATION OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE: That the Town vote to approve the article as written. Voted 6-0-1.

RECOMMENDATION OF THE BOARD OF SELECTMEN: That the Town vote to approve the article as written. Voted 4-0.

RECOMMENDATION OF THE PLANNING BOARD: That the Town vote to approve the article as written. Voted 5-1.

VOTE OF THE TOWN MEETING: Selectman Scott Garieri to make multiple

There was a substitute motion made by changes in the number of temporary signs

allowed. question

This was

motion was seconded. After lengthy discussion, made by Angela Cheng-Cimini; which was

a motion seconded

to move the and passed

unanimously. A vote was the Moderator. Therefore, was to approve the original

taken and the substitute motion was defeated as declared by returning to the main motion, the vote of the Town Meeting article by a 2/3rd majority as declared by the Moderator.

ARTICLE 11: ZONING BYLAWS – FLOOD PLAIN DISTRICT (2/3 Vote Required) To see if the Town will vote to amend the Zoning Bylaws, Chapter Three, Section 3.16 to delete 3.16 (m), (n), and (o) below and replace with a new 3.16 (m) and (n)

Existing Language:


In all A1 to A30 Zones, as shown on the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), new construction and substantial improvements to structures shall conform to the following:


Residential structures shall have the lowest floor, basement, elevated to or above the Base Flood Level.



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