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    Step Three: Aligning the Streets and Trails. Align streets in order to access the house lots. Additionally, new trails should be laid out to create internal and external connections to existing and/or potential future streets, sidewalks, and trails.

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    Step Four: Lot Lines. Draw in the lot lines.

17.07 Design Standards:

The following General and Site Specific Design Standards shall apply to all OSRD Plans, and shall govern the development and design process:

  • A.

    General Design Standards.

    • (1)

      The landscape shall be preserved in its natural state, insofar as practicable, by minimizing tree and soil removal. Any grade changes shall be in keeping with the general appearance of the neighboring developed areas. The orientation of individual building sites shall be such as to maintain maximum natural topography and cover. Topography, tree cover, surface water buffers, and natural drainage ways shall be treated as fixed determinants of road and lot configuration rather than as malleable elements that can be changed to follow a preferred development scheme.

  • (2)

    Streets shall be designed and located in such a manner as to maintain and preserve natural topography, significant landmarks, and trees; to minimize cut and fill; and to preserve and enhance views and vistas on and off the subject parcel.

  • (3)

    All open space (landscaped and usable) shall be designed to add to the visual amenities of the area by maximizing its visibility for persons passing the site or overlooking it from nearby properties.

    • (4)

      The removal or disruption or historic, traditional or significant uses, structures, or architectural elements shall be minimized insofar as practicable, whether these exist on the site or on adjacent properties.

  • B.

    Site Specific Design Standards

  • (1)

    Housing Types. An OSRD Project shall consist of single or two-family residential housing only as may be allowed in the underlying zoning district.

  • (2)

    Parking. Each dwelling unit for single and two family homes shall be served by two (2) off street parking spaces per unit. Parking spaces in front of garages may count in this computation. For dwelling units with


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