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These standards may be waived when, in the opinion of the Planning Board, such action is in the public interest and not inconsistent with the purpose and intent of the Zoning Bylaw.

    • 17.08

      Open Space Requirements:

      • A.

        Required Open Space

  • (1)

    A minimum of fifty percent (50%) of the area of the parcel shall be

provided as open space. Roadway rights-of-way and drainage areas shall not count toward the area to be provided as open space. The percentage of the minimum required open space that can be wetland shall not exceed the percentage of wetland for the entire site under existing conditions as shown on the OSRD Plan. A sample calculation follows:

Sample Calculation:

Existing Conditions – 12 acre site (3 acres of wetland) = 25% wetland coverage

Open Space Requirements – 50% Open Space = 6 acres (25% wetland coverage = 1.5 acres)

The Open Space would include 4.5 acres of upland and 1.5 acres of wetland.

  • B.

    Open Space Design Requirements

    • (1)

      The location of open space provided through this bylaw shall be consistent with the policies contained in the Master Plan and the Open Space and Recreation Plan of the Town. The open space should be of a quality that both protects the environment and promotes community. The following design requirements shall apply to open space and lots provided through this bylaw:


Open space shall be planned as large, contiguous areas whenever possible. Long thin strips or narrow areas of open space (less than one hundred (100) feet wide) shall occur only when necessary for access, as vegetated buffers along wetlands or the perimeter of the site, or as connections between open space areas. The Planning Board may allow non-contiguous open space within the boundaries of the site when it is determined that the proposed open space areas promote the goals of this bylaw and/or will protect identified primary and/or secondary conservation areas and/or when the Planning Board determines that the size, shape and location of


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