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such parcels (within the proposed development) are suitable for the designated uses. Where feasible, these parcels shall be linked by trails.

  • (b)

    Open space shall be arranged to protect valuable natural and cultural environments such as stream valleys, wetland buffers, un- fragmented forestland and significant trees, wildlife habitat, open fields, scenic views, trails, and archeological sites, and to avoid development in hazardous areas such as flood plains and steep slopes. The development plan shall take advantage of the natural topography of the parcel, and cuts and fills shall be minimized.

  • (c)

    Where the proposed development abuts or includes a body of water, reasonable access shall be provided to shorelines where appropriate.

  • (d)

    The maximum number of dwelling units compatible with standard practices in design shall abut the open space and all homeowners within the Open Space Residential development shall have reasonable physical and visual access to the open space through internal roads, sidewalks or paths. Such access may be limited where the Planning Board finds that resource areas are vulnerable to trampling or other disturbance.

  • (e)

    Open space shall be provided with adequate access, by a strip of land at least twenty (20) feet wide, suitable for a footpath, from one or more streets in the development.

    • (f)

      Where a proposed development abuts land held for conservation purposes, the development shall be configured to minimize adverse impacts to abutting conservation land. Trail connections shall be provided where appropriate.

  • C.

    Allowable Uses of Open Space:


Purpose - Open space shall be used solely for recreation, conservation, agriculture or forestry purposes by residents and/or the public. Where appropriate, multiple use of open space is encouraged. At least one-half (1/2) of the required open space may be required by the Planning Board to be left in a natural state. The proposed use of the open space shall be specified in the application. If several uses are proposed, the plans shall specify what uses will occur in what areas. The Planning Board shall have the authority to approve or disapprove particular uses proposed for the open space.


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