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  • A.

    Applicants may propose to modify lot size, unit placement, shape, and other dimensional requirements otherwise applicable to the OSRD, subject to the following:

    • (1)

      Frontage –No lot within an OSRD shall have less than fifty (50) feet of frontage. This frontage requirement shall apply only to lots fronting on proposed internal roadways. However, the Planning Board may waive this minimum frontage requirement where it is determined that such reduced lot (s) will further the goals of this bylaw.

  • (2)

    Setbacks – Every dwelling unit fronting on the proposed roadways shall be set back a minimum of twenty (20) feet from the front property line, and ten (10) feet from any rear or side lot line. In no event shall individual dwelling units be closer than thirty (30) feet to each other.

  • (3)

    Lot Size – The minimum lot size shall be no less than 1/3 the square footage otherwise required in the Zoning District in which the subdivision is located or 10,000 square feet whichever is greater.

17.11 Increases in Permissible Density:

The Planning Board may award a density bonus to increase the number of dwelling units beyond the Basic Maximum Number for an OSRD Plan. The density bonus for the OSRD shall not, in the aggregate, exceed twenty percent (20%) of the Basic Maximum Number. Computations shall be rounded down to the nearest integer when determining this bonus. The applicant must demonstrate that the land is suitable to support the additional bonus units (i.e. the parcel has suitable soils to support on-site systems, ample public sewer service is available, soil types and topography can support additional units, adequate water supply is available, etc.).

  • A.

    Open Space, Recreation, Prime Lands Density Bonus

    • (1)

      For each additional ten percent (10%) of the site (over and above the required 50%) set aside as open space, a bonus of five percent (5%) of the Basic Maximum Number may be awarded. A bonus may only be awarded when the additional open space has no higher a percentage of wetlands than what is allowed for the mandatory 50% open space under 17.08 (A.).


For the construction of passive and/or active recreation facilities that are available for public use, one (1) dwelling unit may be added per two (2) acres of recreation land or per two thousand five hundred (2,500 feet of trail: however, this density bonus shall not exceed five percent (5%) of the Basic Maximum Number. For the purpose of this Section the term “trail” shall be defined as a linear corridor suitable for use for recreation and/or transportation designed to accommodate the expected users of the trail system. The Planning Board shall have final approval of the location,


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