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18.04 Accessory Dwelling Unit Standards

The SPGA may authorize a Special Permit for a use known as an Accessory Dwelling Unit in Owner-Occupied, Single-Family Dwellings, provided that the following standards and criteria are met:

  • (a)

    The accessory unit shall clearly be a subordinate part of the single family dwelling. It shall be no greater than 600 square feet or twenty percent of the total square footage of the existing home, whichever is less.

  • (b)

    The accessory unit will be a complete, separate housekeeping unit that functions as a separate unit from the original unit.

  • (c)

    Only one accessory unit shall be created. This accessory unit shall be either within the single-family dwelling or the attached accessory structure.

  • (d)

    The lot on which the single-family house is located must meet the minimum lot size requirement and must comply with other applicable zoning requirements for its district.

  • (e)

    The owner(s) of the residence in which the accessory unit is located shall occupy at least one of the dwelling units on the premises except for bonafide temporary absences.

  • (f)

    The accessory dwelling unit shall be designed so that the appearance of the building remains that of a single family residence as much as feasibly possible. Where feasible, any new entrances shall be located on the side or rear of the building. Any exterior changes made must conform to the single family character of the neighborhood.

  • (g)

    An addition to the original building is permitted provided that the addition does not increase the floor area or volume of the original building by more than twenty (20) percent or 600 square feet whichever is less, and the addition will not alter the character of the building.

  • (h)

    At least 1.5 off-street parking spaces per dwelling unit are available for use by the owner-occupant(s) and tenant(s). Parking spaces shall be located to the side or the rear of the structure, to the extent feasible. The maximum number of on site parking spaces shall be five.


A Sanitarian or Professional Engineer, registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, has certified that the existing or proposed improvements to new or existing sewage disposal systems are adequate and in accordance with 310 CMR 15.000, The State Environmental Code, Title 5.


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