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Statement of Intent

To ensure that accessory units or conversions in existence before the adoption of this Accessory Unit Bylaw are in compliance with the State Building Code.


Application Procedure

The SPGA may authorize, under a Special Permit and in conjunction with the Building Inspector, an Accessory Unit in an Owner-Occupied, Single Family Dwelling or accessory structure. The Board will review, with the Building Inspector, each existing use on a case-by-case basis to determine if the dwelling conforms to the State Building Code.

The applicant must follow the same procedures described in this Accessory Unit Bylaw including the submission of a notarized letter attesting to owner occupancy and a Declaration of Covenants.

18.08 Required Renewal

A Special Permit for an accessory dwelling unit shall be two (2) years. At the end of each two (2) year period, renewal shall be granted upon receipt of a new application, accompanied by the appropriate filing fee as listed on the Town of Sturbridge Fee Schedule, and certification by the owner to the Zoning Board of Appeals that the property remains the principal residence of the owner, and that all other conditions met at the time of the original application remain unchanged. The ZBA in its discretion may require a new Special Permit and demonstration of compliance with all the conditions necessary for a Special Permit for an accessory apartment, pursuant to the Special Permit requirements of this bylaw.

Or take any action in relation thereto.


By Petition

RECOMMENDATION OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE: That the Town vote to approve the article as written. Voted 6-2-1.

RECOMMENDATION OF THE BOARD OF SELECTMEN: That the town vote to approve the article as written. Voted 5-0.

RECOMMENDATION OF THE PLANNING BOARD: That the Town vote to approve the article as written. Voted 7-0.

VOTE OF THE TOWN MEETING: The vote of the Town Meeting was to approve the article as written by a 2/3rds majority as declared by the Moderator.


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