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And to otherwise approve the article as written. Voted 5-0.

VOTE OF THE TOWN MEETING: There was a substitute motion presented by Patricia Affenito that read, “To vote to further amend the recommendation of the Finance Committee as follows:

  • Amend section 1.91 (C) to read:

“The Sturbridge Tourist Association shall propose a budget that provides the following:

    • -

      Funding for the promotion of tourism with a portion directly for the marketing of all Sturbridge businesses involved in tourism.

    • -

      Funding for multiple tourist related events and activities in Sturbridge

    • -

      Funding for the Route 20 Public Restrooms and the grounds maintenance of the Tourist Information Center.

    • -

      Funding for the operating expenses of the Tourist Information Center, such as the Customer Service Desk staff, telephone and internet.

  • Remove section 1.91 (D) (3) and renumber the remaining goals.

After lengthy discussion, there was a motion to move the question which was seconded and passed. The vote of the Town Meeting was to approve the Finance Committee recommended; then amended article as declared by the Moderator.

ARTICLE 30: STURBRIDGE TOURIST ASSOCIATION REVOLVING FUND To see if the Town will vote pursuant to MGL Ch. 44, §53E½ to establish a revolving fund for the Sturbridge Tourist Association.

Programs and purposes for which the revolving fund may be expended:

  • All and any costs associated with the planning, promoting or implementing Sturbridge tourist related events/activities.

  • All and any costs associated with the promotion of Sturbridge tourism and Sturbridge businesses directly involved in the tourism industry.

  • A portion of the operating costs associated with the Tourist Information Center building and staff.

Department receipts which shall be credited to the revolving fund:

  • Grants obtained for the purpose of promoting tourism in Sturbridge and tourism activities in Sturbridge.

  • Revenue generated through Sturbridge Tourist Association funded tourist events and promotions, including but not limited to vendor/business inclusion fees, admission fees and vendor promotion fees.

  • Program fees.

  • Donations.

Authorization to expend from such fund:


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