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Section 2-5

Intergovernmental Relations.

Subject to the applicable requirements of any provision of the Constitution or General Laws of the Commonwealth, the Town of Sturbridge may exercise any of its powers or perform any of its functions and may participate in the financing thereof, jointly or in cooperation, by contract or otherwise, with any one or more states or civil divisions or agencies thereof, or the United States or any agency thereof.



Section 3-1

Town Meeting.

The legislative powers of the Town shall continue to be exercised by a town meeting open to all


Section 3-2

Presiding Officer.

The moderator, as provided in Section 3-3 shall preside at all sessions of the town meeting. At the first town meeting session at which he presides following his election the moderator shall appoint a deputy moderator to serve as acting moderator in the event of his temporary absence or disability. The appointment of a deputy moderator shall be subject to confirmation by the town meeting.

Subject to the provisions of the charter and such bylaws regarding committees as may be provided by the town meeting, he shall appoint the members of such committees of the town meeting, special or standing, as may from time to time be established. He shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be assigned to the office of moderator by bylaw or other vote of the town meeting.

Section 3-3

Time of Meeting.

The regular annual town meeting of the Town of Sturbridge for the transaction of business relating to the prudential affairs of the town shall be held on the last Monday of April or on such date as may from time to time be fixed in the bylaws of the town.

Section 3-4

Preparation of Warrant for Annual and Special Town Meetings.

The Selectmen shall prepare the warrant for the annual town meeting and for special town


Section 3-5

Town Meeting Warrant - Posting.

The Town Clerk shall cause to be posted the warrant for the annual town meeting and all special town meetings in the town hall, the post offices, and the town library on the dates required.

Section 3-6

Insertion of Warrant Article by Petition.

Insertion of articles in the warrant for town meetings by petition of the voters shall follow the procedures and stipulations of Chapter 39, Section 10 of the General Laws; namely, articles shall be inserted in the warrant for an annual town meeting by the Selectmen upon receipt in writing of a petition signed by ten (10) or more registered voters of the town. Petitions for insertion of articles in the warrant for special town meeting shall be signed by one hundred (100) or more registered voters.


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