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  • (B)

    Compensation - The Selectmen shall receive for their services such compensation as may annually be provided for that purpose by appropriation.

  • (C)

    Powers and Duties in General - The executive powers of the town shall be vested in the Board of Selectmen, and may be exercised by them jointly or through the town agencies and offices under their general supervision and control. The Board of Selectmen shall cause the laws and orders for the government of the town to be enforced, and shall cause a record of all their official acts to be kept, and for that purpose and to aid them in their official duties, they shall appoint a Town Administrator. The Board of Selectmen shall act as the Water and Sewer Commissioners and have the power and authority of Water and Sewer Commissioners as provided by Massachusetts General Laws.

  • (D)

    Appointment - The Selectmen shall appoint a Town Administrator and members of the Board of Registrars.

  • (E)

    Restrictions on members of the board - Selectmen shall not hold any other elected Town of Sturbridge office, or any office appointed by the Town Administrator under Section 6-1 of the charter which is subject to confirmation by the Board of Selectmen.

Section 4-3

Moderator: Term of office; Compensation; Powers and Duties.


Term of Office - At each town election at which the term of office expires or when a vacancy exists a moderator shall be chosen by the voters for a term of three years. He shall not hold any other Town office, elected or appointed.

  • (B)

    Compensation - The moderator shall receive for his services such compensation as may annually be provided for that purpose by appropriation.

  • (C)

    Powers and Duties - The moderator shall have the powers and duties provided for that office by statute, by this charter, by bylaws and by other vote of the town meeting.


Appointments - The moderator shall appoint a nine member finance committee. The term shall be for three years so arranged that the term of office of three members shall expire each year. The finance committee shall review all town meeting warrants and advise the town meeting of their recommended action. The finance committee shall have all the powers available in the general laws, granted by town meeting or specified by this charter.

The moderator shall make appointments to other committees where so authorized by town meeting.

Section 4-4

Elementary School Committee: Composition; Term of Office; Compensation; Powers and Duties.

  • (A)

    Composition, Term of Office - There shall be a school committee consisting of five (5) members elected by voters for three year terms such that the term of office of at least one member, but not more than two members, shall expire each year.

  • (B)

    Compensation - School committee members shall be compensated as may annually be provided for that purpose by appropriation.


Powers and Duties - The school committee shall have all of the powers and duties school committees may have under the Constitution and General Laws of the Commonwealth, and it shall have such additional powers and duties as may be authorized by this charter or by bylaw, including the use of land and buildings.


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