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them not less than twenty-five (25) days nor more than thirty-five (35) days after the date of the board of registrars’ certificate, provided however, that if any other town election is to occur within sixty (60) days after the date of the certificate, the Selectmen shall postpone the holding of the recall election to the date of such other election. If a vacancy occurs in said office after a recall election has been ordered, the election shall nevertheless proceed as provided in this section.

  • (D)

    Incumbent Holds Office Until Recall Election - The incumbent shall continue to perform the duties of his office until the recall election. If not recalled he shall continue in office for the remainder of his unexpired term, subject to recall as before, except as provided in this section. If recalled he shall be deemed removed from office, and the vacant office filled by appointment by the Board of Selectmen until the next election.

  • (E)

    Proposition on Ballot - Ballots used in a recall election shall submit the following proposition in the order indicated:

For the recall of (name of officer): Against the recall of (name of officer): Title of office:

  • (F)

    Repeat of Recall Petition - No recall petition shall be filed against an officer within three

    • (3)

      months after he takes office, nor, in the case of an officer subject to a recall election and not recalled thereby, until at least three (3) months after the election at which his recall was submitted to the voters.

  • (G)

    Appointment of Person Recalled - No person who has been recalled from an office, or who has resigned from office while recall proceedings were pending against him, shall be appointed to any town office within two (2) years after such recall or such resignation.



Section 5-1

Appointment; Qualifications; Term.

The Board of Selectmen shall appoint a Town Administrator for an indefinite term and fix his compensation within the amount appropriated by the town. The Town Administrator shall be appointed solely on the basis of his executive and administrative qualifications. He shall be a person especially fitted by education, training and/or previous experience in management or administration to perform the duties of the office. The town may from time to time establish by bylaw such additional qualifications as seem necessary and appropriate.

Any vacancy in the office of the town administrator shall be filled in accordance with Section 4-2 by the Board of Selectmen. Meanwhile they shall appoint a suitable person as temporary Town Administrator to perform the duties of the office. Such temporary appointment may not exceed three (3) months but one additional renewal may be voted by the Board of Selectmen not to exceed a second three (3) months. Compensation for such person shall be set by the Board of


Section 5-2

Town Administrator - Appointive Procedure.

The Board of Selectmen shall appoint a five member Town Administrator search committee consisting of the following:

One member of the Board of Selectmen, One town department head, Three registered voters of the town at large not employed by the town.


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