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Copies of all proposed contracts shall be filed with the finance committee before final action is taken by the Board of Selectmen.

  • (K)

    He shall be responsible for purchasing all supplies, material and equipment for all departments under his jurisdiction.

  • (L)

    He shall see that all of the provisions of the general laws, of the charter, of votes of the town meeting and votes of the Board of Selectmen which require enforcement by him or officers subject to his direction and supervision are faithfully carried out.

  • (M)

    He shall prepare and revise, as necessary, a plan establishing personnel requirements. It shall include job descriptions, together with wage and salary schedules, for all departments established by this charter, administrative code or town bylaw, except school department employees, and it shall become effective within 30 days of submission to the Board of Selectmen unless rejected by them.

  • (N)

    He may at any time inquire into the conduct of office of any officer or employee or department, board or commission under his jurisdiction.

  • (O)

    He shall attend all sessions of the town meetings and answer all questions directed to him by the voters of the town which relate to his office.

  • (P)

    He shall perform any other duties required by the bylaws, administrative code, the voters of the town meeting, or the votes of the Board of Selectmen.

Section 5-4

Acting Town Administrator.

By letter filed with the town clerk, the Town Administrator shall designate a qualified town administrative employee or officer to exercise the powers and perform the duties of Town Administrator during his temporary absence. During his absence the Board of Selectmen may not revoke such designation until at least ten (10) working days have elapsed whereupon it may appoint another qualified town administrative employee or officer to serve until the Town Administrator shall return.

In the event the Board of Selectmen deem the Town Administrator as unable to perform his assigned duties due to illness or extraordinary circumstances, the Board of Selectmen shall appoint a department head to serve as acting Town Administrator.

Section 5-5

Removal and Suspension.

The Board of Selectmen may, by majority vote of the full board, terminate and remove or suspend the Town Administrator from his office in accordance with the following procedure.

Before the Town Administrator may be removed, if he so demands, he shall be given a written statement of the reasons alleged for his removal and shall have a right to be heard publicly thereon at a meeting of the Board of Selectmen prior to a final vote on his removal, but pending and during such hearing the Board of Selectmen may suspend him from his office. The action of the Board of Selectmen in suspending or removing the Town Administrator from office shall be final, it being the intention of this provision to vest all authority and to fix all responsibility for such suspension or removal solely in the Board of Selectmen. The Town Administrator shall continue to receive his salary until the effective date of a final vote of removal. The town may, by bylaw, establish a procedure for removal or suspension of a Town Administrator in such detail as it may deem necessary or desirable.


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