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The department of public works shall be responsible for the following town functions: engineering, highways, water system, sewerage system, maintenance of town properties including cemeteries and recreation areas and other related functions assigned by the Town Administrator or director of public works.

Section 7-2

Assistant Assessor

There shall be a full-time Assistant Assessor appointed by the Town Administrator subject to confirmation by a majority vote of the board of assessors. The Assistant Assessor shall be appointed for a term of three years and shall be a person especially fitted by education, training, and/or previous experience to perform the duties of the office. The responsibility of the Assistant Assessor will include the daily operation of the assessors’ department.



Section 8-1

Relation of Charter to Town Bylaws, Rules, Regulations, Orders and Special Laws.

Where provisions of this charter conflict with provision of town bylaws, rules, regulations, orders and special laws, the charter provisions shall govern. All provisions of town bylaws, rules, regulations, orders and special laws not superseded by this charter shall remain in force.

Section 8-2


If any provisions of this charter are held invalid, the other provisions of the charter shall not be affected thereby. If the application of the charter or any of its provisions to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the application of this charter and its provisions to other persons and circumstances shall not be affected thereby.

Section 8-3

Specific Provisions Shall Prevail.

To the extent that any specific provision of this charter shall conflict with any provision expressed in general terms, the specific provision shall prevail.

Section 8-4

Publication of Charter and Bylaws.

The Board of Selectmen shall, within one year of the adoption of this charter and subsequent revisions thereafter, cause to be prepared copies of said Charter and Town Bylaws to be available to the public in a suitable format in the office of the Town Clerk.

Section 8-5

Charter Revision.

Amendments to this charter relating in any way to the composition of the town meeting or the composition or mode of election or terms of office of the Board of Selectmen may be proposed only by a charter commission elected under the General Laws of the Commonwealth.

Amendments to this charter relating to other matters may be proposed at a duly called town meeting. Proposed amendments approved by a two-thirds majority town meeting vote shall be acted upon by ballot of the whole town at a regular election of town officers held in accordance with the General Laws. The effective date of revisions will be the date the town clerk certifies that the proposed amendment was approved by a majority of valid ballots cast.

The Board of Selectmen shall every five years, form a committee to study the working of town government. The committee shall recommend procedures to revise the charter, if that is deemed advisable.


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