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Section 8-6


Any person holding an appointive or elective office may resign the office by filing a letter of resignation with the town clerk. The effective date of resignation shall be upon receipt by the town clerk unless a time certain is specified therein when it shall take effect. The town clerk shall notify the Town Administrator, and/or Board of Selectmen within 24 hours of receipt of a letter of resignation by forwarding a copy of the letter with date received. The town clerk shall resign the office by submitting a letter so stating to the Board of Selectmen.



Section 9-1

Continuation of Existing Laws.

All general laws, special laws, town bylaws, votes, rules and regulations of or pertaining to the town which are in force when the charter takes effect and which are not repealed directly or indirectly hereby, shall continue in full force and effect until amended or rescinded by due course of law or expire by their own limitation.

Section 9-2

Continuation of Government.

  • (A)

    All town officers and all members of all boards, commissions, and committees who have heretofore been elected and who will henceforth be appointed under the provisions of this charter, shall serve for the balance of the term for which they were elected but their successors shall be appointed.

  • (B)

    All committee, commissions, boards, departments, offices and other agencies of the town shall continue to perform their duties until reappointed, or until successors to their respective positions are duly appointed or elected or their duties have been transferred in accordance with the provisions of the charter.

Section 9-3

Continuation of Administrative Personnel.

Any person holding an office or position in the administrative service of the town, or any person serving in the employment of the town shall retain such office or position and shall continue to perform the duties until provisions shall have been made in accordance with the charter for the performance of the said duties by another person or agency. Nothing contained in the charter shall be construed as to grant to the incumbent of any office at the time the charter is adopted any right or privilege to be retained in the employment of the town.

Section 9-4

Transfer of Records and Property.

All records, property and equipment whatsoever of any office, department or agency or part thereof, the powers and duties of which are assigned in whole or in part to another office or agency shall be transferred forthwith to the office, department or agency to which such powers and duties are assigned.

Section 9-5

Effective Date.

This charter shall take effect upon its adoption by the voters of Sturbridge.


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