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Veolia Water understands the importance of having highly-qualified and certified personnel operating the Water facilities, and we provide our employees with extensive training in many areas. Employees are encouraged to upgrade skills and achieve higher levels of certification through our ongoing training, certification bonus and tuition reimbursement programs.

In 2009, there were 10 new water customers connected to the water distribution system. The water distribution system currently serves 1654 customers. Approximately 36% of the facility’s flow originated from Well #1, 24% from Well #5 and the remaining 40% originated from Well #3 for a total of 249.4 million gallons of treated water.

In 2009, the water department continued installations of new water meter radio read systems, software and components. There were a total of 121 new outside units installed by the end of 2009, bringing the total radio meter read units up to 1030. This is about 62% of the town. These units not only accurately measure water usage but can also detect leaks, high and low usage, backflow problems as well as the ability to log water usage daily. Man-hours are reduced considerably to read meters, taking about 4 hours for one person to read 1023 meters. It also makes it easier to transfer into the billing database.

In 2009, Tighe and Bond continued engineering plans to establish Well #4 off of Shattuck Road. Well #1 was found to be under the influence of surface water due to it’s proximity to the stream flowing from Cedar Pond. Due to this fact, the treatment plant must be upgraded to comply with the Surface Water Treatment Rule mandated by the US EPA. Veolia Water has partnered with Wright Pierce to conduct a pilot study to comply with State and Federal regulations. The Stallion Hill water storage tank was refurbished in early 2009 with new interior and exterior coatings as well as structural repairs. In addition a new 12” gate valve was installed as a shut off for the tank. A new water main was also constructed and placed online last year on Rt. 131 from Hall Rd. to the Southbridge town line to replace aging water mains and complete looping to eliminate dead ends. Also in 2010, further money will be appropriated to purchase additional water meter radio read equipment. In 2010 plans will be developed to upgrade the Water Treatment plant in order to maintain compliance with EPA and MADEP regulations. There was also an 8” check valve installed on the water main on Brook Hill to prevent low pressure situations when Tantasqua High School exercises it’s emergency booster pump.

For the calendar year 2009, the Water Department performed the following services:

  • Water department/system service calls

  • Water Department home leak tests

  • Water department/system emergency calls

  • Water meters replaced, repaired or rebuilt

  • Water meter outside readers repaired or replaced

  • New water meter outside radio readers installed

  • Water hydrants repaired or replaced

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