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"Got 'em Dad"  by Ralph McDonald, International Artist of the Year

Presented by Bass Pro Shops  Image size: 18" x 221/2"

A continued favorite of DU event attendees, Ralph McDonald has been voted the 2006 International Artist of the Year. This is his second time to win International Artist of the Year since his debut in 1979 and marks his 21st print to be featured in the DU National Art package. Over the last 27 years his prints have generated over 20 million dollars toward wetland conservation.

"Got'em Dad" is the 14th print in the Greenwing series. Over the years, these prints have helped inspire our youth in Ducks Unlimited's volunteer ranks, as well as, captured cherished memories of early childhood days in the blind.

Into the Fog  by Richard Clifton

Image size: 213/8" x 141/4"

Delaware native, Richard Clifton, is a self-taught artist specializing in wildlife. This is his 5th appearance in the Ducks Unlimited National Art Package. "Into the Fog - Greenwing Teal" captures the splendor of a flock of Greenwing Teal safely making their way to a foggy marsh.

Open Field Runners by Bruce Miller

Image size: 27" x 14"

After pursuing a variety of genres, Bruce Miller decided in 1981 that his love for the outdoors could be revealed in his artwork. Since that time, he has won many conservation stamp contests and awards, including the 1999 DU International Artist of the Year. "Open Field Runners" shows a pair of Whitetail deer heading for the security of a nearby treeline.

Great Retrievers

Yellow Labrador-Pintails

by Jim Killen

Image size: 19 3/4" x 153/4"

Accomplished dog artist, Jim Killen, has once again shown his uncanny ability to recreate the genuine unwavering loyalty that emits from a skilled Labrador with his rendition of "Great Retrievers - Yellow Labrador - Pintails." This piece marks his 19th appearance in the Ducks Unlimited National Art Package.

Backwater  by Scot Storm

Image size: 22 5/8" x 16 7/8"

Since 1999 Scot Storm has received numerous awards and recognitions including being chosen for the 2005/06 Ducks Unlimited International Artist of the Year. "Backwater" illustrates a new perspective on waterfowl in flight. The vivid colors of the Wood Duck and action of this piece will bring life to any room.

Return to Hay Bale by Scot Storm

Image size: 22 5/8" x 17"

Scot Storm started his career in architecture. However, his love of hunting and the outdoors inspired him to begin painting wildlife, and in 1999, the self-taught artist changed his career to painting full time. "Return to Hay Bale" captures the grandeur of a flock of Redheads and a lone Canvasback gathering at a favored "honey hole."

Heading South  by Richard Plasschaert Image size: 22 3/8" x 18"

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